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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things to Come And notes of the day

Hello, There is more to come in time. I plan some posts as soon as I can make the time to have the video or at least picture to go along with it so bear with me.

Today I watched some videos , thier was one in particular that stood out form a guy in Iowa teaching a through dovetale class. He baciacally jut eyeballed the layout and said he dident want them to look like they were made by a machine. A good point I though, akthough I have to admit that no one , unless vision impared would confuse my dovetails with something machine made. Do machines leave gaps? Nevermind, anyway I did pick up soe grat tips form this guy, I will dig up his links and add them later.
It was more the spirit of the thing his, attitude to make a thing for itself or the joy of making it rather than the need to emulate the robotic repitions of a machine.

Micro woodworking he called , you guys with yore calipers. Made me think about what I want to do and how I want to do it.

Looking at workbenches, I still have the little beast I made about two years ago its about four feet long and made out of old pallet beams and some cheap 2x4's but i have done a few projects on it . It used to sit under a trap on the patio of our one bedroom apartment .

The rage over the Rubio benches is crazy , people spending more on a bench  that I make in a month. I have a bench to build things , I dont make things to make a ridicolus bench, if i sopend that kind os money then it going to be on wood for furniture for my home for my family. But suit yourself.

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