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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Found A Dresser at the dumpster

I live in an apartment, town housey thing. Any way one of the perks is digging through stuff people throw away when they move, simple minds ,easily amused , yeah ,yeah I know. Its a 3 drawer chest or dresser , could have been part of a china cabinet as well, but its gonna be a dresser now.  This is well built for a store piece it has some nice brass locks mortised in as well as dovetailed drawers , not to mention its actual wood, cherry i think. The design has some issues and it was pretty much pulled apart at the front and some of the drawer supports had come lose as well, oh and a leg had fallen off, but I found it. I am going to glue it up and a few supports for the frame polish it up and the DW will use it in the bed room. Have to get some new hardware as at some point someone removed the , probably nice brass hardware and put some hinky crap on it. Have to see if I can find a key for the drawers.

The pics are not very good, took them with my laptop, as someone borrowed the batteries from my camera, I cant find them to recharge. Anyway here it is I will update with better pics when I am done with it.

Free, priceless

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