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Monday, April 23, 2012

CBG 1st build day,,,,,3

Still working on my Cigar Box guitar build, mostly carving shaping and sanding the neck I may have used every tool I have on this at some point.. I started by decidong what the shape of the headstock would be and drew the outline cut to the line with a dovetail saw and finished it hith a chisel. I just used  rasp and a chisel on the long portions of rht neck and finished it with one of those black and Decker Mouse sanders, It took some time.

 I have spent more time on the neck than anything else at this point . I broke down and drilled a hole in the base of the neck and glued in a 5\16 pice of all thread I will use that to bolt the meck to the body, rather than glueing , I have some concerns about the expansion and contraction issue but you have to make decisions. this way I can make adjustments later as I am sure I will have to.

If all goes as expected (it rarely does) then I should glue up the case tomorrow, ad the bridges and the nut and see if it works, i will let you know

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