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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cigar Box Guitar build 99% done

Cigar Box Guitar build

This is pretty much  done I use  bolts for the nut and bridge, I will add  hardwood nut and bridge to this in the next week or so and finish the finish, it has a relly good tone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

CBG 1st build day,,,,,3

Still working on my Cigar Box guitar build, mostly carving shaping and sanding the neck I may have used every tool I have on this at some point.. I started by decidong what the shape of the headstock would be and drew the outline cut to the line with a dovetail saw and finished it hith a chisel. I just used  rasp and a chisel on the long portions of rht neck and finished it with one of those black and Decker Mouse sanders, It took some time.

 I have spent more time on the neck than anything else at this point . I broke down and drilled a hole in the base of the neck and glued in a 5\16 pice of all thread I will use that to bolt the meck to the body, rather than glueing , I have some concerns about the expansion and contraction issue but you have to make decisions. this way I can make adjustments later as I am sure I will have to.

If all goes as expected (it rarely does) then I should glue up the case tomorrow, ad the bridges and the nut and see if it works, i will let you know

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cigar Box Guitar Build

OK , yeah I know I am supposed to be finishing the side table, I am , I am it called multi tasking geez. Any way If you have never heard of cigar box guitars ( I had not) you have to check them out they are the coolest thing EVER, yep that cool. The Red Dog guitars site is really cool the videos are of excellent quality check them out here , no really check it out take the 2 min trust me.See Red Dog here  .
Also for those of you who are interested check out Cigar box nation its a really cool site that has really cool video as well as every resource for CBG's.CBG Nation .

OK 2 videos toady because I forgot to show you the poplar , that will be the front and back of the guitar, It loos really awesome check them both out . This is my first CBG build I made my one box as of now, when I find a cigar box of an appropriate size I will do another, as well as a dulcimer more later on that .

i love the sound of these guitars the raw bluesy tone just strikes a cord with me , thanks for looking

Monday, April 16, 2012

Then there were two (side table build)

Left & Right Sides
This morning, I completed the last of the little bitty mortises for the right side of the side table. I now have two sides, ain't I cool. I put them together just to look at them, ;). So now I have to do the front and back and have still to make the drawer and finish the top and bottom shelf. So hopefully in a few days I will have the fit completed and can start the glue up. I have made a lot of mistakes ,but learned a lot in the process ( more on that another time) Here are a few pictures I messed with the light trying to make things visible.