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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cigar Box Guitar Build

OK , yeah I know I am supposed to be finishing the side table, I am , I am it called multi tasking geez. Any way If you have never heard of cigar box guitars ( I had not) you have to check them out they are the coolest thing EVER, yep that cool. The Red Dog guitars site is really cool the videos are of excellent quality check them out here , no really check it out take the 2 min trust me.See Red Dog here  .
Also for those of you who are interested check out Cigar box nation its a really cool site that has really cool video as well as every resource for CBG's.CBG Nation .

OK 2 videos toady because I forgot to show you the poplar , that will be the front and back of the guitar, It loos really awesome check them both out . This is my first CBG build I made my one box as of now, when I find a cigar box of an appropriate size I will do another, as well as a dulcimer more later on that .

i love the sound of these guitars the raw bluesy tone just strikes a cord with me , thanks for looking

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