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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Almost Right the first time

So, I have all the Tennons now cut for one side of my table, I think I have made most, if not all the mistakes possible. I thought it was square, I thought I cut to the line, sort of. About halfway through I read somewhere that many people make the mortises first and fit the tenons to them, I kinda wish I had done that but live and learn , I hope anyway. I was watching Roy Underhills show on the UNC website a while back, and somewhere in this process I remembered Peter Follansbee saying to angle the cuts toward the face to keep the aprons tight on a piece, they were doing the joint stool. So what do I do in a momentary lapse of reason I" oh so slightly" angle the cut , but AWAY from the face I realized this only later when I was comparing the two pieces . So, it of course took me more time to fix the mistake than it did to make. Funny how many fewer problems we have when we do it right the first time.

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